Aug 16 2020 - TBCT News

We know you are in a hurry to swap your TBC Kringles but need to know all the TBC Trusted Token Platform Reference. 

Here is what you need to understand about the TBCT Trusted Token Platform.

TBCT Trusted Token Platform - Know about the TBCT Platform, How to buy TBCT Token, Exchange, and more.

  • TBC Trusted Token - https://tbctrustedtoken.com - active
  • TBCT Account enables you to buy TBCT Token easily with ethereum and bitcoin - https://app.tbctrustedtoken.com 
  • TBCT Chatapp - https://tbctrustedtoken.info
  • TBCT Whitepaper - https://tbctrustedtoken.com/docs/TBCT-WhitePaper-En.pdf
  • TBCT Onepager - https://tbctrustedtoken.com/docs/TBCT-Onepager-En.pdf
  • How to buy TBCT Token - https://tbctrustedtoken.com/docs/how-to-buy.pdf
  • What is TBCT Token - https://tbctrustedtoken.com/docs/

TBCT Blog - Get daily news and update about TBCT Token exchange and activities.

  • https://blog.tbct-tradex.io - active

TBCT Swap - TBCT Swap is the link where you get access to exchange your TBC (Kringles) to TBCT Token and you get access to the section when you buy a minimum $50 TBCT Token with a token membership of $50.

  • https://exchange.tbctrustedtoken.com - active

TBCT Tradex - TBCT Staking and investment that enables you to stake your TBCT Token and get profits in return.

  • https://tbct-tradex.io - Under Maintenance

TBC Trusted Exchange - An exchange section deals with TBCT Token to FIAT Currency exchange access to trade your token to any currency easily. 

  • https://tbctrustedexchanger.info - Online

TBCT Wallet and Exchange - TBCT Token First DEX Wallet system which enables TBCT Token investors to store and trade TBCT to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

  • https://tbct-wallet.com - v2.0 Testnet

TBCT Social Links:

TBCT Channel - https://t.me/tbctrustedtoken

TBCT Discussion - https://t.me/TBCT_Officals

Twitter - https://twitter.com/@tbctrustedtoken

Medium https://medium.com/@tbctrustedtoken





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