Announcing the TBCT Shareholder Program

Aug 06 2020 - TBCT News

Our TBC SWAP Program was one of the largest and most successful testnet events, with 1000 validators participating in the testnet and over 40 community projects built. This shows the incredible strength of our community.

Inspired by the Mr. Micheal Brett Dhelpraz initiative, we are excited to announce our TBCT SHAREHOLDERS PROGRAM, an initiative that combines the power of the TBCT Investors to further the global presence of our brand and drive adoption.

What are TBCT Shareholders?

The TBCT Shareholders are individuals who share the same visions as the project and are passionate about supporting each other through their own strengths. You can be a tech expert who can explain complex technology in layman terms or a design guru who can create attractive graphics or videos, or even an active person who has an extensive crypto network.

Together, we form a powerful COMMUNITY to spread around the world.

TBCT Shareholders enjoys these benefits:

  • 🧐 Sneak peeks of TBCT Community product and involved in TBCT tech and business development behind the scenes
  • 💬 Direct day-to-day conversation with our management team and core marketing members
  • 🥇 Priority and exclusivity in a wide range of TBCTincentivized programs & initiatives
  • 🌏 Tap into TBCT extended network of resources
  • 🏆 Be accredited by the official team and gain influence in the crypto space
  • 💰 Token incentives in the form of $TBCT in return for your precious time
  • 🥳 AND…other surprises!


The mission of the TBCT Shareholder is to expand TBCT's community and raise awareness. You will be responsible for:


  • Understand the core of TBCT, our values, missions
  • Spread awareness and make the TBCT brand known to the greater crypto community by sharing your knowledge and actively engaging with others in groups, forums, and on social media.
  • Provide mentorship to other community members. Help the team to answer questions, and guide members in staking, tech integration, and using products developed within the ecosystem.
  • Create killing content around TBCT status and facts in formats such as blogs, infographics, memes, videos. It can be fun and educative while leaving the audience with a newly gained appreciation for TBCT.


  • Participate in TBCT events, live streamings, webinars, AMAs and ask questions
  • Be active in all our channels: Telegram, Twitter, chat app,  Help to drive conversations in the group chats. Comment, like, and share our posts. Encourage others to do the same.

Be a local leader

  • Create and manage community groups in local languages
  • Keep the local community updated about TBCT latest status by translating or creating content in local languages
  • Organize local meetups or AMAs

Expand Our Network & Ecosystem

  • Connect the team with influencers and media to increase our online presence
  • Convince dApp projects to integrate with TBCTDB
  • Explore business opportunities with potential partners

Grow as a family

  • Keep the team updated with the latest trends and suggest what the team should do to accelerate growth
  • Collect feedback from the community and generate insight for the TBCT team
  • Testing of TBCT products and provide feedback
  • Support other TBCT investors in whatever needs

Reward Structure

We will review your work on a monthly basis and determine the rewards based on the amount of work and quality. Rewards will be paid out in the form of $TBCT tokens.

You can check out the below table for a reference range. Top achievers will also get a bonus! Note that this is not a limited list. We accept new ideas and proposals at any time!








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