TBCT Token Review

Aug 29 2020 - TBCT News

The TBCT token will be the core element of the TBCT Wallet project monetization. TBCT is an ERC-20 token listed on TBCT-WALLET.COM and can be added to plenty of hot crypto wallets. The total TBCT supply is 10M with neither ICO nor mining procedures planned. We avoided the traditional hype-based model of initial coin offering. The value of the TBCT token will depend on its features and functionality.

For now, we define five main functions of the TBCT token.

Premium Trading Options. 

TBCT WALLET will provide zero-fee for cross-chain exchanges of BTC, ERC-20, USDT, EOS coins. By the way, the default trades will be available with a ‘starter-pack’ interface and a reduced toolkit. TBCT holders will be able to see the reputation and rating of the counterparties, number of trades, market analytics, and other useful information and insights. TBCT tokens are a must-have for daily-traders and market makers.

Building up Reputation.

TBCT WALLET is all about exchanges built on trust and protecting your funds no matter what the intentions of your counterparty are. But we also understand the importance of the time for a swap and the momentum of opportunity. The time could be lost by a canceled or intentionally slowed down swap by the counterparty. That’s why we’ve introduced a reputation management system which will be done in a centralized way. If you want your reputation to be scored (e.g: as a market maker), we will require a stake in TBCT tokens.


Working as a part of a proof-of-stake consensus, TBCT tokens will be used as an additional safety guarantee for its holders. For example, in case of an attack on the Node or an unexpected IPFS-connection failure, a new connection will first be provided to the users with TBCT tokens. By the way, it this particular case, the users can connect to any other server.


TBCT WALLET website, being an attractive platform for crypto-traders, will generate high and quality traffic, thus bringing value to the advertising space on our resource. TBCT tokens will be used as a mean of payment for this advertising space.

Token Integration. 

TBCT WALLET is a licensed multi-chain hot wallet that can promptly integrate your Сoin into the balance showing it on our homepage. TBCT tokens will be needed to list new ERC-20 and other types of tokens. Maybe, in the near future, we will also provide the possibility of *TOKEN*<->TBCT trades on the tbct-wallet.com platform from the first day of their listing.


Our TBCT tokens will be freely traded via the centralized and decentralized exchanges which support ERC-20 tokens. 
Note: TBCT-WALLET itself DOES NOT sell TBCT tokens at the moment. By the way, in accordance with our roadmap, a significant stake of TBCT tokens will be spent on the project’s development.

We officially avoid giving any predictions about the price of TBCT. But as a reference, our contributors estimate the price of the SWAP token in approximately 1 USD. Thus, tbct-wallet.com capitalization based on token supply&price is approximately 10M USD and can be compared to CryptoBridge, Lykke Exchange, SingularX, and Legolas Exchange.

You can also compare TBCT Wallet with its main competitors (see the table below) considering their capitalization, features, and weaknesses.

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